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"When one of OFSI‘s member (Nyzee) told me about this seminar, I was overwhelmed na meron palang ganito dito sa kuwait na willing mag turo sa kapwa OFW nila for FREE and when i first saw and heard Sir or Bro Renz talk, naisip ko na uy strict sya, he has an attitude of a true mentor and a speaker... dun palang na admire ko na agad sya...plus the fact that may sense when he started talking, and a heart when he opens up his life’s journey as a son, as a brother and as a friend, teary eyed ako everytime he shares a story, lahat halos nakakarelate,and OFSI officers or team was so supportive, sobrang na admire ko sila, na despite s busy schedule nila, they took time to prepare for us every week’s session. and taught us kahit hindi nmn nila kmi kaibigan or kakilala. I will never regret this kase madami akong natutunan, and being surrounded by all of you guys was a great pleasure ng mga batch ko na willing talagang matuto at mag execute.Thank you very much bro Renz and I salute you dahil sa oras na alam namin na pagod ka, nakikita namin sa mata mo, na masakit na ang mga paa mo, pro still tinuturuan mo pa din kami. sobrang fruitful lahat ng session, ika nga walang tapon. Sobrang appreciated namin kayo at ang OFSI. Patuloy pa sana kayong i bless ni Lord para madami pa kayong mabuksan ang mata na OFWs. I am looking forward for the coffee session of our batch."
 T. Mojar, OFW, OFSI Regular Batch 14, 2018

"I would to take this opportunity to give honor and appreciation to Mr Renz and the core team for their selfless dedication by helping us fellows OFWs towards financial literacy and by God's grace be able to achieve financial abundance. It has been a fruitful 4-Fridays of seminar! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and a part of your life to us, it was indeed a life-changing experience Mr Renz! We will forever be grateful to you and the team. You are a great inspiration to everyone."
 J. Hufalar, Accountant, OFSI Regular Batch 14, 2018

"The 4-week course of financial literacy conducted by Mr. Renz Leano (founder of OFSI) had made a big impact on our financial views in life. It tackles not just the basics of investing but also on how to maximize our resources in helping others too. It was an honor and priviledge to be part of the OFSI community which aims in helping OFW's to be a smart investors. It was also great to hear the testimonies of other kababayans in which they shared that they are now handling their finances wisely. The 4 sessions were full of information and inspirational talk from our mentor. This was an eye opener to all of us that whatever blessings we have now we should take good care of it and make it grow so that we can be also a channel of blessings not just to our family but also to others. Thank you sir renz and to all OFSI officers! May the Lord bless and keep you safe always! Overall it was a great experience:-)"
 R. Leonor, Nurse, OFSI Regular Batch 14, 2018

"Words are not enough how thankful I am to the effort that BRO RENZ and the CORE TEAM invested in the OFSI sessions. To think that we are on batch 12, it means hundreds or thousands of hours were already given or shared to us just to impart this knowledge of how to invest properly our milyones dolyares that we earned here.
I mentioned it earlier, how I wish that every Filipino who arrived or start their OFW life here in Kuwait will all have a chance to listen this session with bro Renz sooner and not later. In doing so, there will be a better chance of investing early those hard earn money and can prepare the transition going to our mother country in an early age too.
God bless you and your family along with the core team with their family too for sharing to us your blessings!"
 C. Guimoros, OFW, OFSI Regular Batch 12, 2017

"Transformed. Empowered. Challenged. These are what I strongly felt upon accomplishing the 4 Fridays of intensive financial literacy lectures made possible by the dynamic OFSI team. Career-wise, attending the OFSI is one of the major turning points in my life as a professional for I have long hoped for an institution that can provide me an easy and practical avenue for managing my finances. And personally, listening to Bro Renz is one of my so called up close and personal experiences with one of the few influential speakers I came to know. Having to endure 4 hours of speaking, without a hint of weariness, but only with passion and enthusiasm to give all his knowledge and skill to everyone, and with the same level of energy from start to finish of every session, there’s no denying that he is indeed a selfless and generous soul. And, this as well goes to the rest of the dedicated OFSI speakers who willingly imparted their wisdom and experiences.
Transformed. After the know-hows on the basic financial concepts (monitoring SALN, becoming debt-free, acquiring life and health insurance, having an emergency fund, proper budgeting, saving and investing) along with being the best in one’s job having discipline and with the right attitude, I no longer belong to the 75 % of Pinoys with zero financial literacy. I am now vigilant, open-minded and knowledgeable on how my hard-earned money has to be managed, kept and put into good investment for the future and when critical situations arise.
Empowered is the best way to describe myself NOW as an OFW. The several statistics and data presented to us made me realize how uplifting it is to be an OFW, whatever job and earnings one have, still one can do better to improve his/her finances. I appreciated my role better as a contributor to economic growth. And, since I am capable of bringing more revenues for the well-being of my country, I am deemed never to settle for less, thus, I deserve to retire in a state of best health, happiness and prosperity along with my loved ones. OFSI made me become aware of that with full confidence and conviction.
Challenged. I believe that by attending OFSI, I have taken one step closer to achieving my financial goals, but I know that I have to put the lessons and strategies into practice to fully develop the skills. I will always remember the 2 best lessons OFSI has taught. Firstly, we should always nurture the good in us because it is only in doing so that everything else will be magnified – our actions, values and more so in doing good. Secondly, everything else belongs to God and that we are merely the stewards of our God-given wealth, thus, the major purpose of our wealth is to bless others. And as Bro Renz emphasized, the real challenge now is, while we progress financially, we are also given the privilege to uplift and empower others.
Lastly, a heartfelt thanks to the OFSI Team! May God bless you abundantly and reward your efforts as you continue this noble advocacy of educating more of our fellow OFWs in pursuing financial freedom."
 A. Ismael-Francisco, OFW, OFSI Regular Batch 12, 2017

"In Kuwait, it is as easy as a wink of an eye to get a loan worth of 1M and I did took in 2010. And because of the absence of knowledge on how to handle finances, that money was just gone also like a wink of the eye! Had i known, had I at least encountered you/OFSi prior to it, that money should have been very useful, invested and still rolling until now! This is how important to be financially literate! I'm not ashamed to let everyone know of my "kashungahan"😬 At least I've learned my lessons well.
To our dearest mentor, Sir Renz, no act of kindness is ever wasted. You only lived your life fully the moment you made someone's life change for better. Obviously you've been living life fully! Idol po kita with your advocacy. I started sharing the message to my friends so I can hopefully help them to be financially literate as well. And they want to get registered na kahit wala pang schedule.
Thank you is not even enough, i wish you could predict how deep my gratefulness to you and of course the core team. I pray for good health to all and God bless us always."
 S. Cagampang, OFW, OFSI Regular Batch 12, 2017

"In the past month, I’ve attended a 5-session seminar conducted by OFSI where in people behind the organization provide knowledge in building strong financial basis and helping to acquire what they call financial freedom and abundance. As part of OFSI Batch 10, I was introduced to some technical aspects wherein it was really new for me, especially about stock investment and other financial instruments. As the seminar sessions goes on, we were introduced on the basic things and was taught ways to improve our cash flow, how to be free from debts, to create our own emergency fund and so on in order to have a successful journey towards financial freedom and abundance. I could say that my experience with the seminar was really worthwhile and very helpful in making lives more fruitful in achieving one’s goals and dreams. It helped not only me, but others as well to be financially literate, to have discipline and in acquiring good habits to handle finances. To Mr. Renz Leano and your team, thank you for your advocacy in leading me to my financial journey. I really appreciate the guidance in keeping a proper mindset when it comes to financial decision-making and how to achieve my goals accordingly. The only thing I can do in return for all the knowledge you generously shared with us is to spread good words about OFSI. I hope you and your team more success in your advocacy in helping our fellow Filipinos in their financial journey and it’s my honor to be part of OFSI. For those who want to be financially literate and fulfill their dreams, it is truly commendable to be part of OFSI and attend their enriching sessions. Once again thank you Mr. Renz and more power. God bless."
 F.G. Sagpang, HR Executive, OFSI-TGFI Batch 10, 2016

"Being part of OFSI Batch 10 was truly amazing. Maraming bagay ang nagmulat sa akin lalong-lalo na sa buhay OFW. Lubos akong nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng bumubuo ng OFSI lalong-lalo na sa aming napakabuti at napaka-tyagang mentor na si Mentor Renz Leano para sa lahat ng mga aral at tulong kaalaman upang mapabuti ako sampu ng aking mga ka-batchmate. This experience is definitely kept not only in mind but also in my heart. You are the real epitome of Modern Bayanihan and the true meaning of malasakit. Before I’m zero knowledge with the Stock Market, Financial Freedom, and Financial Abundance but after the seminar it gave me something to look forward and desire for. Saying thank you is not enough but still I want to say a zillion of thank you for sharing your precious time, effort and even your resources to accommodate us. I think it is the most unconditional malasakit I have ever seen. You thought us to invest in the stock market but behind that you also geared us to achieve our goals and dreams. Again, to our Mentor Renz Leano and to all members of OFSI thank you, thank you ang babait ninyo...” Anyone who is not investing now is missing tremendous opportunity."
 R. Noronia, Retail Supervisor, OFSI-TGFI Batch 10, 2016

"The experience in the course was awesome and it was an eye opener for all of us. Now, the no.1 myth about the stock market and investment has been broken; and my thought process has changed. The course was organized by OFSI headed by Renz Leano which has been a largely rewarding experience. The course not only provided extensive coverage on the topic but also touched upon the vital aspects of money management that is crucial for designing healthy portfolio strategies especially on how to become successful investors. Mr Leano’s brilliant presentation decoded all the necessary information in an absolute, lucid way. His profound knowledge on the subject and an immaculate style of teaching has practically rendered all participants’ speechless. One of the best courses I have attended. For OFSI president, Mr Renz Leano and officers who devoted their time and resources just to teach OFWs like me on how to manage their finances FOR FREE.. Thank you and May God bless you. Isa kayong tunay na bayani!!!!"
 M. Molina, Nurse/EMT, OFSI-TGFI Batch 10, 2016

"In 2006, I came to Kuwait with Francisco Colayco's "Pera Palaguin Workbook" as my only guide in handling my finances. Because of that workbook, I managed my cash flow and budget very well. I had little savings too but I don't know where to put my savings so that it will grow. Part in that workbook, Colayco wrote about investment. But back then, there's no one to ask about how to invest.
After almost ten years, I'm truly blessed that I met OFSI Founder, Mr. Renz Leano. He shared his knowledge, time and energy without any other agenda but to help fellow OFWs become financially literate at no cost. Absolutely free! For me, OFSI is a key that unlocks the investment vehicle's doors for me. Now, it's time for me to enjoy the ride towards my journey to financial freedom.
Leano and his OFSI team walked me through to all avenues in investing with their seminar. But hey! Don’t think that OFSI teaches just about investing in the stock market and everything. More than anything, OFSI teaches the values of discipline, honesty and good habits in handling one's personal finance. Above all they taught me how to determine between wants and needs and prepared me with the right mindset.
To Mr. Leano and OFSI team… thank you a million times!!! You guys rock… Keep up the good work!"
 R. Tecson, HR Oil and Gas, OFSI-TGFI Batch 8, 2015

"I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of OFSI simply because the advocacy has changed my personal perspective in living my life. I hope and pray that this advocacy of helping and educating OFWs on how to grow their hard-earned money will continue with the grace of our Lord God Jesus Christ."
 G. Sedeno, Web Content Admin, OFSI-TGFI Batch 8, 2015

"Kuya Renz thank you po sa pagtitiyaga sa amin. Sa totoo lang, although mag 5 years na ako sa Stocks but I learn a lot sa session today."
 R. F. Descallar, Corrosion Engineer, TGFI-OFSI Abu Dhabi Batch 1, 2015

"OFSI-Kuwait you are doing a great job and your advocacy is what our fellow OFWs need! My wife and I are very grateful that we benefited from your advocacy and motivated as it opened our minds and widened our financial awareness. The course that we learned will be useful in managing our current savings and foresee our goal towards financial freedom. All OFSI lecturers did their best in presenting their topic especially you, Bro Renz! You are one of the best mentors. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and for boosting participants to understand all the modules. We learned a lot of wisdoms; sabi nga naming mag-asawa, sana noon pa natin eto alam”, “sana na-enlighten na tayo noon pa about financial literacy.” Anyhow, I guess it is not too late yet as we can apply the information learned in our investment objectives - growth of income and to properly handle our current assets. Most of all we can share and impart the financial literacy we learned to our children and the young ones. Again, thank you OFSI-Kuwait for sharing your knowledge. May God bless you always and provide your team more strength and resources so you can continue your worthwhile advocacy to all OFWs to become financially literate, and let them prepare for their early retirement and return home for good, enjoying financially freedom. Kudos OFSI-Kuwait!"
  T. & L. Alcancia, Oil and Gas & Medical Technology, OFSI-TGFI Batch 8, 2015

"Thank you OFSI and Mr. Renz Leano! Your advocacy has truly changed my financial perspective and the future of my family. Attending OFSI sessions has equipped me with the right mindset, further strengthened my financial foundation and allowed me to better plan my financial future. Meeting people like Mr. Renz Leano was an eye opener. He is a modern day HERO and his advocacy with OFSI had made a lot of fellow OFWs realized their dreams and aspirations. Because of this, I wish to contribute and join the advocacy to help and change the lives of our fellow OFWs.
Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay ang OFSI - Kuwait."
 M. Arroyo, IT Operations Supervisor, OFSI-TGFI Batch 8, 2015

"15 years of studies from school to University is incomparable to 15 hours of session I attended in OFSI! There was a lot of things that was never taught in school and I learned it in OFSI’s Basic Financial Literacy Seminar. The presentation was clear, concise, personalized and offered practical suggestions in improving my understanding to my personal financial needs as an OFW. It was systematic, lively and very engaging to all attendees. Each session provided new learnings to unlearn my bad financial management habits, plan and organize my financial goals and to start investing in the stock market. Confidently, I am working on myself being an empowered advocate to FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND ABUNDANCE! Thank you, OFSI! Thank you, Bro. Renz! Thank you for your generosity by sharing your wisdom and knowledge. God bless OFSI’s mission and vision!"
  R. De Roxas, HR/Admin, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

"Dear OFSI.. What your team taught me is not only for the good of my future but also for the future of my loved ones. More than knowledge, you have given me strength and courage in changing the course of my life as an overseas worker. I salute you for your selfless concern for the welfare of others. May the almighty God shower you with more blessings.
More power OFSI.. Paiting!!"
 L. Rubio, Inventory Controller, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

" OFSI Seminar Session was Splendid!! In just a short session, I was filled with wisdom. My mind was opened to foresee my future, to dream for financial freedom and to partake action towards my goal. The first session made an impact on my personality wherein Bro Renz shared a lot of insights on how to change someone's values and unnecessary habits. He emphasized about SELF DISCIPLINE towards success and I was hit on it!
To sum it all, FIRST IMPRESSION LASTS... OFSI didn't fail my expectations from that very first day until the last. I'm so much inspired and motivated to make a move to step up my goals... I am ready to start building my advocacy towards Financial Freedom!
Thanks a lot OFSI. THANKS to you Bro Renz, you are one of the best coaches I've met! God bless you more."
 A. Duyor, Nurse, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

"I would like to thank you and all the rest of the OFSI-TGFI Kuwait advocates for having this financial literacy sessions. I'm very grateful for being part of this group that helped me a lot on how to manage my cash flow and I thank the Lord for giving us a mentor to help our fellow OFWs to educate us on how to invest and become financially stable in the future. May God bless your advocacy and the team to help more OFWs to be financially free in the near future. More, more batches to come ....thank you so much OFSI Kuwait and to our mentor Bro Renz and to the rest of the officers May God continue to bless us all ..."
 R. Sanglay, Sales Merchandiser, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

"At first when I heard the word INVESTOR, the first thing that comes in my mind is wow bigtime, for sure super rich nyan. Pero mali pala ako. Until one day my husband told me to open an account in COL Financial and I asked my cousin Kuya Renz whom I know has a great knowledge in investment. He told me if he would help me in opening an account with COL Financial I would need to attend the entire 5 days seminar in OFSI. What I have learned helped me a lot especially in managing our remittance. OFSI opened my eyes in a lot of things like I need to be wiser in using money and to classify our needs and wants.
I also teach this to my two kids especially whenever we are going to do our grocery wherein they need only to pick all our needs for the week. And if they have extra money especially my eldest, he needed to put it in his piggy bank and put it in his savings for him to buy his wants later. I remember my son told me “Mommy can I buy a toy?”, then I would ask him back, “Nak which one is more important – securing your future by saving money for your education or buying a toy then you would just junk after you’d destroy it?” Then he answered me back, “Ok Mommy I'll put it on my account nalang.” Now I fully realized that the most important thing is to educate myself and also my kids in having a discipline in spending money.
Also OFSI changed my idea that if I have money, I need to put it only on the bank because its much secure there. Now I know that I need my money to work for me. As a housewife, All I know is to do the household chores, but now I know I can help my husband in building our future with this knowledge that OFSI shared. I am thankful for being part of the OFSI family. Thanks to our supportive and intelligent mentors, especially to you Kuya Renz for encouraging me to invest. I always remember our conversation, Tay kunam agbanbannug nak lang aglaklako..hehe Thanks a lot. May our Almighty father bless you more so that you can spread the knowledge of being FINANCIALLY LITERATE to all our fellow Filipinos.. MABUHAY OFSI!!!!"
 R. Baroma, OFW Wife, OFSI Batch 7, 2015 Online Attendee

"I have always thought that investing is a tedious thing to do so I never started immediately though I knew about it. But when I got married 2 yrs ago at an immature age of 25, I was convinced that it is time to step up, know how to keep our earnings and invest it to the right mediums. The problem, everything was a trial and error. We do not have a mentor who can guide us in our venture. That is why, I am grateful to have attended the OFSI Seminar whose dedicated speakers and officers have enlightened the investment world for me. All the business jargons that have kept me confused got cleared up and my anxiety is tapered. Now, I just do not want to invest. I believe I am already equipped with the know-how to build our portfolio and play our cards in the market. Thank you OFSI, especially to Sir Renz who have pioneered this Bayanihan. KUDOS!"
 T. Sulit, Nurse, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

"I’m a certified shopaholic.. but after attending OFSI.. I decided to become a certified “investoholic”… a term I made up for myself to start my investment journey.
I am a Finance Assistant by profession, but I never apply it to myself with regards to my finances. Although I know the concepts of investing, I didn’t really dig into the topic because I have so many questions and excuses but the interest is there. So when my husband and I decided to join OFSI, I joined with an open mind to learn again. It is my passion to learn something new and to learn from others and validate what I already know. OFSI did that all. Attending OFSI made me realize what should be my priorities like how to be wise in spending our hard-earned money, where to start, what are my options and best of all how to become a millionaire retiree.
With the generosity of the OFSI members in imparting their knowledge… with its selfless advocacy… and commitment to serve its fellow OFWs.. a salute to all of you."
 Name Withheld, Nurse, OFSI Batch 7, 2015

"OFSI Kuwait, a great start towards basic financial literacy. Kuya Renz, thank you for the time that you spent on giving lectures, sharing your knowledge about financial literacy. OFSI (Kuwait) pipz, Thank you. God Bless and more power to the family."
 K. Vendivil, Nurse, OFSI Nurses Batch 2, 2015

"At first I was quite adamant about joining my friends who have started their journeys in investing for their future. But then I realized that I'm not going any further. I joined OFSI and my eyes were opened. With the goal in mind, My DREAM to become RICH was lit like a beacon of fire. Thanks to you Mr. RENZ LEANO (we probably came from the same descendants) I can finally realize all my GOALS in life."
 E. Leano, Nurse, OFSI Nurses Batch 2, 2015

"Way back College days, I started chasing my dream to be successful. Since then, one of my goals is to achieve financial abundance. I remember the days when I had to travel 6-8 hours to buy dried fish from a supplier in Pagadian City then sell it back in my hometown after I graduated from College. I would travel again for another 3hrs going to Cagayan De Oro to buy longganisa & sell it again. That was my experience just to have extra cash. Before I only know that in order to earn money, I must work hard. What I did not realize is that money can also work for me. When I came to Kuwait, I landed a good job and enjoyed the life and freedom that I have always wanted. 2013 came and I was invited to attend a free financial literacy seminar from IMG. What I learned there started to open my horizon regarding finances. From then on I’ve started reading blogs and TV shows regarding finances, wherein I tried to apply the principles that I have learned by opening my own pooled fund investment and COL account. But I still felt that the information that I have gathered from those resources is not enough because I still have so many questions that needs to be answered. Luckily, I was invited to attend an OFSI session and I managed to vacate my Friday so I can commit my time to be there. I was so excited that I had been given a slot and for the 2nd time, I will meet Bro Renz and learn about his advocacy. Right now, I feel totally empowered and it’s like all the questions has been answered. I learned that even though I may change my career path or I would receive different levels of salary, the most important thing is that I can now steward my finances according to God's will with the help of the empowerment that transform me from OFSI. I claimed for the financial abundance now and the years to come!"
 D. Banquil, Medical Technologist, OFSI Batch 6, 2015

"Although we have started investing in mutual funds and the stock market before attending the seminar, we consider the provided information as a new learning experience for us. The presentations of the modules were comprehensible and concise, offering practical suggestions to assist us in handling our finances. In order to properly plan for the future, money management skills and strategies offered by OFSI definitely contribute toward establishing financial security.
My wife and I would like to express appreciation to our mentor, Renz, for taking the time to share his expertise in investing. May this endeavor help and result in having financial peace and success for individuals and families. May God continue to bless you and OFSI."
 M. & C. Moreno, Advertising/Admin, OFSI Batch 4, 2014

"OFSI is HOPE, and a haven where financial independence and realization of dreams begin.
I have been an OFW for 3 years. I sacrificed, being away from my family is my first step to reach my ambitions in life. 3 years passed, and I felt losing faith and patience in realizing my desires in life. It seemed like I no longer had direction to where I was heading at. At some point of being an OFW, I told myself, "Why should I have a dream so big that I could never ever reach anyway?" Not until I was introduced again to Kuya Renz, (whom we used to call in Batch 2 as the LEGEND IN STOCKS INVESTING in Kuwait) that I came back to my senses to firmly achieve my goals and be financially abundant when I become old.
OFSI does not only teach me the strategies in stocks investing, it also makes me feel secure and confident about whatever the future lies for me. I feel grateful and blessed that I belong to the OFSI family! More power and God bless us all in our everyday endeavors!"
 K. R. Leopardas, Nurse, OFSI Batch 2, 2014

"When I started investing in the stock market, I knew it was not an easy decision. I was really eager to invest for the future of my family, especially for my retirement. I would say, based on my experience, investing needs time and PATIENCE. Now, I am proud to say that my portfolio investments have earned 13% compared to less than 5% in the bank. A big thank you to our mentor brother ”kuya” Renz and OFSI for generously sharing their time and effort with us. Happy investing to my future co-investors… "
 L. P. Soylon, Nurse, OFSI Batch 2, 2014

“You cannot overlook the importance of dreams for OFWs. These dreams are the very reason why we mustered enough courage to leave the familiarity of home and the company of our loved ones behind. Part of our struggles as OFWs is to remain true to those dreams. At certain times, however we lose sight of our goals and fall into a state of dreamless sleep. OFSI is like a splash of cold water – a rude awakening. It is uncomfortable but necessary. It is uncomfortable in a sense that it challenges our accustomed practice of living from paycheck to paycheck. The learning also challenges our habit of spending all in the now and failing to invest in our future. With OFSI, I could definitely say that I have been reacquainted with my dreams and feel more enriched and empowered to realize them.” 
P. Pascual, Nurse, OFSI Batch 2, 2014

"'The wise man saves for the future,but the foolish man spends whatever he gets'- Proverbs 21:20 But the wiser man does not just save for the future. He INVESTS for his future. Sir Renz Leano's OFSI lectures teach us on how to become the "wiser" man. The OFSI modules does not just focus on investing in the stock market but also include the methods or "vehicles" towards a financially abundant life. and sir Renz does these lectures for free! Saan ka pa! So to the officers of OFSI, and most especially to its president Sir Renz Leano, THANK YOU."
 A. P. Alamo Gauiran, Nurse, OFSI Nurses Batch 1, 2015

"Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (How to Manage your money so God will entrust you with more) by Ardy O. Roberto, Jr. was given to me as a gift from my cousin last 2013 and thus my stocks investments journey began. About a year in investing online through COL I felt like I know everything already until I was introduced to OFSI. I was skeptical at first to attend as I was thinking that it's just another SCAM session again. Well I was wrong. I never thought that OFSI would introduce me to the world of stocks investing with added twist, which magically transformed my outlook when it comes to investing in the stock market. OFSI keeps me updated about the "Do's and Don'ts" in stocks investing. So far I feel more secure now, thinking that I'm actually securing my retirement goal at this stage of my life. Feeling Secured n Happy. Salamat po sa OFSI."
 C. Edar, OFSI Batch 4, 2014

"Investment was never a new term for me, as far as I remember. It came across my vocabulary 15 years ago thru Robert Kiyosaki's best selling book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Sadly, interpreting and executing its contents were quite a daunting task (talk about procrastination... ). Fast forward today, me and the word "investment" met again (we are destined i believed ) thru my friend and batchmate Ms. pretty (didn't mention names for confidentiality). Honestly, at first, I was reluctant - a typical Filipino indeed. But as I further my endeavor to learn, I realized so many things
1. It's not too late
2. Robert Kiyosaki was right and I am such a procrastinator
3. There are humble and good people out there that genuinely help...motivate...and empower YOU to live an abundant life that EVERY PERSON DESERVES.
Then came the genius behind this advocacy, my mentor, Sir Renz and his OFSI team of change agents in the financial world that REALLY CHANGED HOW I THINK and ACT FINANCIALLY. I am extremely thankful to God that although I wasted decades of my time (and youth, but mind you I'm still relatively young hehe) THRU OFSI's financial empowerment my way of life have been radicalized in a positive way. My mentor and the rest of OFSI do not only educate on financial aspects but major life lessons of achieving success. Little words of wisdom that created a huge impact in my life. I witnessed myself turned from carefree spender to investor. Moreover, Sir Renz and the team made financial literacy accessible and understandable to all. 'Ika nga, hindi naman pala mahirap, you just have to execute it. Now I have peace of mind and assurance that I'll have a wealthy life in the near future, I'll be able to extend more help to those who are in need and I can achieve my financial goals easily thanks to their continuous guidance and enriching sessions. Thank you Sir Renz and OFSI! The words I have commended is not even enough to pay gratitude for all your hardwork. The best thing that I can do is to spread the word to my fellow OFWs. Thank you, thank you and thank you."
 A. Dalupang, Nurse, OFSI Batch 5, 2015

“My wife, son and I are thankful to OFSI for teaching and guiding us on how to invest in the stock market. In 2 months and 13 days, I already gained 4.3%.”  
C. Edubas (Donjuan), OFSI Batch 4, 2014

"Early 2014, when my husband and I knocked on his door to ask for help on how to invest in the stock market. With his passion and generosity he imparted us his knowledge in different kinds of investment and our journey as stocks investors began. Thank you to our good friend and founder of OFSI Bro. Renz Leano, who patiently taught us where to put our hard earned money as OFWs and the proper mindset in investing. Now, we also share it to our family and friends. We are blessed to be part of this group. Happy Investing... God bless!
 S. Ramos-Ventura, Nurse, OFSI Batch 1, 2014

"Being part of OFSI (Overseas Filipino Stocks Investors) is not just being in a group, it's a modern Bayanihan with common interest whose main objective is to be financially literate by means of defining your PURPOSE, building your PLAN, PRACTICE the know-how with substance and creating proper PATTERN towards financial freedom and abundance. I'm honored and blessed to be part of this group in such a way that it helped me out in re-defining my goals through knowing and understanding my priorities profoundly. I appreciate the guidance to build more confidence in terms of decision making and proper execution in my finances. The group also embodied a great way of helping out our fellow OFWs in realizing their dreams. Thank You Bro Renz, Thank Ya'll." 
 G. Nochefranca, Sales Manager, OFSI Batch 1, 2014

"I want to be rich. I have always wanted to live a more comfortable life and earn more money which paved the way for me to take the chance to work abroad and leave my promising career back home. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as planned and for a long time, I was only doing freelance work to sustain my lifestyle. This situation really hit me hard and I suddenly felt the need to search for other means to earn. But, I’m limited to the confines of my home, a laptop and a wifi because of my residency status. One day my cousin, who just got married and share the same financial sentiments about earning more, told me about his friend who was into trading stocks that seemed to be doing pretty well even on a 9 to 5 job. I thought stocks and the stock market was a playground ONLY for the rich people because in reality we’re not taught in school to invest or do business but rather seek immediate employment after graduation. It’s actually a sad Filipino mentality that needs to be changed! Anyway so out of curiosity, I googled stocks and found out a massive information about it from local blogs to videos posted online regarding its great potential. This curiosity ignited my desire to learn more and to start investing by the means that I currently have. Thankfully, I met smart and like-minded people along my investing journey that had helped and inspired me to move forward. Bro Renz, the brainchild and founder of OFSI, who I referred to as my financial guru, have patiently guided me to carefully plan out and consistently stick to my strategy while separating my emotions from the investment decisions that I do. Fast forward more than a year later, I’m now amazed at myself for supporting OFSI’s advocacy to create financial awareness with our co-OFWs here in Kuwait. Just like OFSI’s tagline – working abroad should never be a primary need but only a secondary choice for all Filipinos."
– A. Acman, Microbiologist, OFSI Batch 1, 2013

"My wife and I are both OFWs; We have a common goal - that is to retire young, wealthy and comfortably back home with the presence of our loved ones. With that goal imprinted in our hearts and minds, we ventured into different investment vehicles.
Our investment journey was full of ups and downs, with bits of mistakes here and there until we met Renz – a good friend and an epitome of a mentor. His emphasis that although experience is the best teacher, it is more wise to learn from the successes and failures of others is one of the teachings I learned from him that I value the most.
I continue to attend the OFSI sessions wherein I am both a student and advocate with the belief that OFWs can retire young and wealthy if equipped with solid financial foundation, correct mindset in investing and guided by a very competent mentor."
 H. Subido, IT, OFSI Batch 1, 2013

“My husband and I knew the importance of investments to realize our future goals. Coupled with the determination of not wanting to work abroad for a very long time, we tried to research on our own what investment opportunities were available out there. We then decided to divide the responsibilities; My husband would manage our real estate investments, while managing the paper asset investments would be my responsibility. As I was trying to grow our paper asset portfolio I found myself falling off the wagon sometimes by neglecting to invest regularly (monthly). I also had this nagging doubt whether I was doing it right. 
Fortunately I met Renz, who never hesitated to share his knowledge and skills from years of experience in investing. He also provided me the much needed motivation, counsel and encouragement towards personal development. He is my mentor. That's why w
hen he shared his vision that lead to the creation of OFSI, I wanted to be on board. I wanted to take part in OFSI’s mission to help other OFWs the way he has helped me tremendously.
It is important to surround oneself with like-minded individuals. More than being a platform to elevate one's investment knowledge the group OFSI has inspired me never to lose sight of our family's dreams by staying on track, keeping emotions always reined in and doing it consistently.”
G. Lawas, IT, OFSI Batch 1, 2013

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